Chamber’s President and Portugal Ventures visit our team

Chamber’s President and Portugal Ventures visit our team

We received the illustrious visits of Dr. Jorge Valtos Sequeira, President of the São João da Madeira Chamber and the administration of Portugal Ventures in our office

São João da Madeira, March 22, 2019 – We received in our office, at Sanjotec, the Mayor of São João da Madeira Chamber, Dr. Jorge Valtos Sequeira and the administration of Portugal Ventures: Eng. Rita Baptista Marques (President), Dr. Rui Ferreira (Vice-President) and Dr. Pedro Mello Breyner (Administrator), who got to know our project, Backchain.

Portugal Ventures is a venture capital company that focuses its investments in innovative, scientific and technology-based companies with significant competitive advantages and export-oriented strategies to global markets. They partner with exceptional entrepreneurs, helping them achieve new levels of competitiveness and success in all stages of their business development and operating in many different industries.

Sanjotec aims to support startups throughout their different stages of development through specially developed programs that can understand the modality of physical or virtual incubation according to the needs of the business projects. Sanjotec is Ignition Partner of Portugal Ventures.

São João da Madeira is a Portuguese city, located in the District of Aveiro, integrated in the Metropolitan Area of Oporto since 2004, the city is characterized by a great diversity of business, exporting quality products to the four corners of the world, fruit of the dynamism and innovative capacity of all who live and work in the unique parish of the county.

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