gdpr compliance

The compliance badge, created by Cyber1 Group, has been developed in accordance with the new data protection rules of Europe, in order to validate, protect and monitor the security of the information on your site. With this validation we guarantee a better experience between the user and the company, clearly evidencing the concern in the data processing, giving the user the right to control the flow of their personal information, with transparency and agility.

In addition to developing a communication channel between your company and your customer, we have implemented a number of technology solutions for your company to be in compliance with RGPD, implementations that guarantee RGPD’s COMPLIANCE SEAL on its website.

On our website., we have implemented the following technological solutions:

  • Exclusive page for consents of user information;
  • A channel of communication between work and the company, allowing respect for human rights to the treatment of their data;
  • Privacy by Design, the data of the cars are only for the fins in which they were allowed;
  • Privacy and cookies policy evidenced and updated on the website;
  • All forms of data transmission are associated with user consent;
  • All web traffic is properly archived and monitored through logs;
  • Data control that shares with third parties (control of cookies);
  • Constant periodic maintenance of the plugins and features installed on our site so that they are constantly in compliance with the GDPR;
  • Insertion of an encryption layer for transmission of data between users and server (https);
  • The databases are all encrypted;
  • Physical redundancy of cloud servers for the hosting of information;
  • Intelligent and redundant backup storage system;
  • AntiSpam and anti-virus layers already installed and without site, and cloud servers.

The most important thing is to make it clear to your audience that your company is in compliance with the RGPD, besides being a competitive differential, it avoids future inconveniences regarding the protection of data of its clients.