GDPR Compliance on Websites

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) refers to the data protection law in the 28 countries of the European Union and imposes rules for the control and processing of Personally Identifiable Information that must be visible and available, especially in its Web site.

What is GDPR Compliance Project?

The GPDR Compliance Project (GCP) is a set of procedures, processes and guidelines, specifically established so that your website can comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), with efficiency, effectiveness, security and satisfaction of its customers, as well as avoid, detect and treat any deviation or nonconformity in the data trafficked and stored in it.

GCP has as a first step to comply with the rules and guidelines of the RGPD in relation to its website, among them we will develop a channel of communication between your company and its clients, meeting the main requirements of the regulation, they are:

  • Right of access (Article 15);
  • Consent (Article 7);
  • Right to be forgotten (Article 17);
  • Right to rectification (Article 16);
  • Right to data portability (Article 20);
  • Notification of non-compliance (Article 34)
  • Right of object (Article 21);
  • Right not to be subject to automatic decision-making (Article 22);
  • Right to restriction of processing (Article 18);
  • Privacy by design (Article 25);

In addition to the communication channel described above, we suggest a series of technological solutions for your company to be in compliance with the RGPD, suggestions that, if carried out will guarantee the COMPLIANCE SEAL of the RGPD in its website, in addition to a recognition is a guarantee for your customers that your company be in Compliance!

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What are the reasons to hire us?

  • The most important thing is to make it clear to your audience that your company is in compliance with RGPD, besides being a competitive differential, it avoids future inconveniences regarding the protection of data of its clients;
  • Our professionals have knowledge in Cybersecurity, Web Design and programming languages;
  • We have agility, speed and guarantee the delivery of your project in the shortest possible time, with the best quality;
  • The prices are attractive and competitive.

I want to be in compliance, what should I do?

  • Fill in the information in the form below, after receiving your request we will carry out an analysis on your website and in the sequence we will send you an email with a detailed budget and deadline;
  • Finally, after its approval, we issued an invoice for your company to pay for the services rendered.

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