Thinking about Cyber Security and data protection, we offer a secure solution that guarantees your privacy and security when surfing the internet, without censorship and restrictions, and the best, without losing your connection speed. Our VPNs are operated on our own servers, that is, without third parties, guaranteeing your privacy while browsing the internet.


Charged 60,00€
per year +IVA

Cyber VPN Sole

7,00€ +IVA
Charged only once
Valid for one month

Why use VPN?

Increase Privacy and Security

By activating your VPN, your Internet connection will be encrypted, ensuring your privacy and making your connection secure. In addition, VPN prevents your Internet provider or third parties from viewing your online communications, location, and browsing activity.

Access Privacy and Security

Replace your IP address with one that is connected to your physical location. Choose from over 10 different locations and navigate as if you were physically in that location.

Additional Benefits

In addition to saving money on travel (because you can confuse the sales site), your security is guaranteed in all transactions with the internet, especially when you are closing a business, or simply accessing your bank account.

Setting up your VPN

In order to help you configure your encrypted connection, we have done a small tutorial to help you configure and verify your VPN by clicking on the following link: